Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Omelette I've Ever Made

Hello all! I have to share this with you - this is yesterday's breakfast, and the best omelette I've ever made. 

It turned out so perfect it almost looked like a taco, not an omelette!

I know this sounds like a bizarre accomplishment, but you see, usually I'm omelette-ly challenged. Honestly before this puppy, every omelette I've ever attempted to make has burnt, fallen apart, been mushy on the inside, or anything else bad that could happen to an omelette! 

I whipped this little breakky up with fond memories of Aunties and Uncles still lingering in my mind, so I did a little recreation of the roasted vegetable omelette I "oohed" and "mmm'd" over in Toronto! We were very low on groceries yesterday, so mine only consisted of: roasted asparagus, broiled roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, and extra old white cheddar. But it did the trick! Mmm.




Tiny Urban Kitchen said...

I'm omelette challenged too! I think it's because I grew up thinking eggs were bad for me, and then I never put in enough eggs!

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