Friday, April 30, 2010

M.T.C.T. (Music To Cook To)

Today's edition of M.T.C.T. is a bit different. 

A) Because I've got a whole plethora of wonderful songs for you lovely people to get workin' in the kitchen to, and B) Because this beautiful music is coming from a good friend of mine:

Lauren has been working away on an upcoming album for the past little while, and posting beautiful music on her youtube account for all to enjoy in the meantime. I would enjoy this music even if she wasn't my friend. And that, folks, says alot. 

Her music is soulful, bluesy, folky and catchy (and her voice is heavenly) - everything that makes for perfect M.T.C.T.

Help her out in achieving everything she's ever dreamed of by voting for her in an up-coming competition she's entered that is a part of the Lilith Fair tour which will be happening across North America this summer! Lilith Fair is a tour consisting of all female singers and songwriters, and if Lauren wins she'll get a chance to sing alongside Sarah McLachlan, the tours co-founder and main stage headliner! I think she has a huge chance of winning this opportunity! Check back on the Lilith Fair website for updates on when the contest begins!




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