Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Hello! So, this is how my Christmas Eve went down this year! The eve of Christmas began with a scrumptious pancake breakfast in Parksville before packing everything up and heading down to Victoria to join the rest of the Flanagans!

It was SUCH a gorgeous day! It certainly did not feel Christmas-y though because of the sunshine, green grass and sweater-only worthy temperature! I sang Christmas carols in the car the whole way down to Victoria to try and convince myself that it was in fact Christmas...

Here is the token Empress hotel shot from the car to show you what I mean! Does this look very Christmas-y to you!? No!

And honestly felt more like summer than December 24th!

Things started looking up when we got to my Grandma's house though. She had left the tree decorating up to me and Tatomme, so that definitely helped me get into the Christmas spirit!

Uncle Peter was on turkey duty this year, so he whipped up the stuffing for the massive bird the night before!

He put apples in the was a delicious addition!

For dinner we had Mer's (this is what we call my Grandma...) famous tourtiere, I get to eat this once a year (usually at Christmas time) and it is one of my favorite dishes of all time! I should have asked for the recipe! I will get my hands on it some time...

With dinner we had some beets and new potatoes with a little butter and bagels with tomato sauce and mozzarella!

Dad kind of butchered my slice as he took it out of the plate...but it still TASTED incredible (as always)!

After dinner I went to church with Aunty Linda, and then dropped off some presents with her. By the time we got home it felt incredibly Christmas like, which was so wonderful! I took one last look at the Christmas tree and the presents underneath it before heading off to bed!

It was so nice to be at Mer's house for Christmas, usually we stay home for Christmas, so being surrounded by so much family this year was so lovely.




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