Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frittatas and Friends!

Hi everyone! Today has been such a wonderful day! I finally got to sleep in this morning...and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I was catching up on reading all my regular blogs (KERF, Tate's, AMINALS), facebook, and all that, I was extremely excited when I saw that I had been LINKED in a status this morning, thanks Nick! That is a first for Mariel's Noms! I am so happy that there are people out there actually enjoying my daily essays on glorious food!

The day went by quickly (tuesdays and thursday are the best...fairy tales and popular culture anyone?) and before I knew it I was home again and it was time to make dinner! I was told of our accidental abundance of eggs (communication on what's in our fridge is not a successful area in this house), so an egg dish for dinner is what had to be done!

I decided on making a nice Italian frittata with asparagus, zucchini, tomato, garlic, sausage and Italian parsley! Before I started cookin' I did my ritual of cranking up the music to relax and enjoy my time in the kitchen! Tonight I was listening to:

I stole this one off of Gavin's blog tonight...he had such a good post!


I got this song from Nick! Who obviously has good taste as well...and ALSO has a blog (a really good, seasoned one), check it out! Very excited...this boy may even get a special birthday cake in the near future for all his support!

Anyways, back to the food! My twist on this classic dish is soufflé-ing the frittata, this makes the quiche-like dish extra light and fluffy!

I started off tonight's dinner by separating 10 eggs (this fed 4 people, and there were left-overs)!

After this I left the eggs alone and turned my attention to getting all the vegetables and such chopped into wonderful little bite sized pieces!

Here is everything all chopped up and ready to go!

After I finished the prep work, I whipped the egg whites until stiff peaks formed.

Your whites should look like this! You can do this by hand too with a whisk if you've got the patience (and muscles)!

I dumped the whites into a separate bowl, and began to whip up the yolks (I used the same bowl which is just fine).

Your egg yolks should be a nice light yellow like this!

After both the whites and yolks were nicely whipped up, gently fold the two together with a spatula. Make sure not to beat the two together too much and deflate the souffled eggs!

Next, toss in all your veggies and some salt and pep, and also gently fold these into your frittata mix!

Oil a large skillet over medium heat. Also, at this time you should preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

Pour your frittata mix into the skillet. Top with freshly grated baby parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper.

Start off cooking your frittata stove top, and watch for the sides to slightly pull away from the pan! When this happens pop your frittata into the oven. Bake until the top of the frittata is golden and it not longer "jiggles" when you move the pan around! Cooking times will vary depending on how many eggs you use, your pan, your oven, and all that!

While the frittata was in the oven baking up, I whipped up a really simple salad of: romaine, yellow and orange bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes!

Finally the frittata was finished and out of the oven!

Cut the frittata like a pie and serve immediately!

Yummy, healthy dinner! And a few of our 3842 eggs were used up too!

To drink with dinner I had a big glass of soy milk (this blog is making me realize how much "milk" I down in a day...alot)!

Okay...a jar...not a glass.

So there you go: a lovely breakfast-dinner, and a great twist on the classic frittata! Enjoy the music and the recipe, there are many more of both to come!




Jennie said...

I always have music on when I'm cooking. It feels so therapeutic.
Great recipe for a healthy and delicious Frittata!

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