Sunday, January 10, 2010

Craving Something Spicy!

Hello my loves! I have to admit, today was a pretty lazy day. After a nice sleep in, I was in no mood to eat a big, heavy breakfast. In fact, I was craving some fruit (also, this craving made me realize that I do NOT eat enough fruit)! Also, it is orange season, have you had any navel oranges lately?? They are beautiful!

So here it is: my brunch. Kind of bizarre, but was exactly what I needed! Oranges, honey dew melon, and ambrosia apples, yum!

I also snacked on some organic potato puffs things...however we threw away the bag and I can't remember exactly what they were called! They are quite tasty, and a kind of healthy way to satisfy junk food cravings!

The day went by and I honestly accomplished nothing! I watched alot of food network... Oops! But soon enough it was time for dinner, and everyone in our house was doing their own thing so I just whipped up a plate of left overs!

I have had the biggest cravings for spicy foods lately, and every time I open the fridge door I am greeted by two gigantic jars of kimchi from the farmers market (you need to pick up a jar next time you're there, it's incredible), so I have been eating the stuff a ton lately!

In order to satisfy my craving, I ended up making the weirdest dinner of left overs ever...

I threw together a little salad of spinach, romaine, curried chick peas, and crumbled havarti, dressed with a balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette. And then I heated up some left over fettucini that I found in the fridge and loaded spicy kimchi on top!

Surprisingly, all these flavors tasted wonderful together...and it sure was spicy! Just what I needed.

I had a glass of soy milk with dinner tonight instead of almond milk. I needed a break from the vanilla!

We always drink Silk soy milk in our's the best! Very smooth and rich, and there's never any gross soy grits!

After dinner I quickly got dressed up to go out for the night! It was such a nice lazy saturday, not too inspiring food wise, but nice nonetheless!




aminals said...

naval oranges are best in the winter months.

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