Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Morning Oats

Good morning everyone! Have you ever woken up to find something on your kitchen counter that just inspires your taste buds for the day?! Well I have...and this morning I stumbled across a lovely pan of brownies, freshly baked up last night by my amazing mother! The site of these beauties certainly inspired what I needed for breakfast today...something sweet!

When I decided that brownies alone were not a healthy option for breakky, I turned to the obvious answer...Oats! With crumbled brownies, and almond milk of course.

I was definitely in need of a breakfast with some staying power, as I have no breaks in between my classes today! This little bowl did the trick!

I only had time to wolf down a small bowl before I had to run to catch the bus, but it sure was satisfying. I whipped up the oats in the microwave, put on a little butter, and brown sugar, then crumbled away with the brownies and doused the bowl with almond milk!

And since I just can't seem to get enough almond milk ever, I had a small glass with my breakfast as well. So don't be afraid people, experiment with your oats! Oats are a wonderful thing...I mean what else justifies eating brownies for breakfast??




Kevin said...

Brownies in oatmeal for breakfast sounds so decadent and good!

Mariel said...

Oh it is! The oatmeal hidden underneath the brownies makes it seem so acceptable, too!

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