Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Love Food Blogging...

Hello everyone! I've got almost a full day's meals worth of photos and recipes for you today (minus lunch, due to my sleep-ins during no classes breakfast IS lunch)! Let me start with breakfast! I was in a real risk-taking mood this morning, and decided to try some crazy oatmeal...I have decided to call it Christmas Oatmeal! The idea for the oatmeal was a bit of a sketchy one...it could have been wonderful, or horrible, but lucky for you it turned out absolutely delicious and you should all try this...

First of all I just made some plain old oatmeal with plain old rolled oats, then really jazzed it up with the toppings!

Christmas Oatmeal

1 part rolled oats to 1 1/2 parts water
brown sugar
chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
dried cranberries

You can make the oatmeal stove top or in the microwave, it turns out just fine either way! Just heat the oats and water until the oats have absorbed all the water and are softened. Now the trick to making the oatmeal is loading up the cooked oats with brown sugar (a given for any bowl of oatmeal) and EGGNOG instead of milk! I know what you're thinking...eggnog?!?! Trust me, I was a little scared too...but it's sooo good! I don't think I can ever use regular milk for my oatmeal ever again! Then you just toss in as many other delicious toppings as you'd like! The chocolate/nutmeg/cinnamon/cranberries combo tasted especially festive...like a big warm bowl of Christmas. Mmm!

It was my turn to make dinner tonight, and from what we had in the fridge this is what I came up with! I ended up making baked filets of sole smothered with fresh ginger and garlic, and hot chili sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil, baby bok choy with oyster sauce, a green bean salad with chili flakes and soba noodles dressed with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and loads of sesame seeds!

Dinner turned out pretty good...it was really easy to make and sort of healthy also! I love asian ingredients...so much flavor.

After dinner I finished off the peanut butter cups I started making yesterday!

To make the perfect little chocolate cups for the peanut butter filling I melted up some bakers chocolate on the stove (I have major issues with melting chocolate in the microwave for some reason...it never turns out for me!) and then spooned it into muffin liners! I used the spoon to move the chocolate up the sides of the liners so that they would turn out more "cup-like".

Popped the chocolate cups in the fridge for a little bit before I spooned the peanut butter filling into them so that the chocolate could set up a bit!

Finished off the peanut butter cups with a little more chocolate and they turned out great! I tried one...and let me tell you, they taste EXACTLY like Reese's! Unbelievable! You must try these out, they are the easiest and most delish things you will ever make, promise! Can't wait to post more pictures tomorrow...this blog is taking over my life! You will probably see me out and about taking pictures of food in public very soon...




miyuru said...

That chocolate comment got me going haha!

When I was working at Normand's, over the years I became really pro with microwaving chocolate (I had to melt it to write out the Happy Birthday/Anniversary plates). My technique was to pulse the chocolate in the microwave for around 9-11 seconds at a time, stirring inbetween pulses. It's not very ideal, but for anyone who wants to microwave their chocolate bust it up as much as possible and heat it in short bursts. If you go too long something in the chocolate precipitates out leaving you with burnt-tasting, lumpy chocolate, which won't harden properly either.

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