Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hello Everybody! This is a bit of a late post, but today has been quite interesting to say the least! I didn't bake or cook a lot, but I do have a lot to dish up still! Information wise...

I'll start off with a nice little photo of one of the only things I made today...a latte to start off the day. You see, when I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty excited since I had my last exam scheduled for today at 2 PM. Well, nervous and excited! So I thought it would be a good idea to get a little caffeine into my system before I rushed out the door to get to the university to cram as much as I could before my final!

I just had to put it in a Christmas mug, I mean it IS December 14th! If you haven't noticed, I am getting extremely excited for Christmas...

Anyways, so this is when my day got a little bizarre. I got to the university just fine, and the cramming went extremely well, that part of the day was all normal, but when I got to my class...the prof never showed! At all! The class was absolute chaos...it was horrible! After we all waited for about 45 minutes, finally someone from the English department came down to the classroom and went through all the technicalities of what will happen in this certain situation etc. Anyways we were all given the option of writing a whacked out english exam right then and there, or writing the real exam at a "later date", which we wouldn't be penalized for or anything. Obviously I chose the latter...I was in no state of mind to write a final after waiting for over an hour in a room full of debating, chaotic young adults! So I am still not finished my finals as I thought I would be at this time...very annoying! It was a very odd situation.

So after that I headed home feeling very confused, and then commenced putting together a couple Christmas presents for a little gift exchange I did tonight with friends! I guess I can finally admit why I had been baking SO excessively much lately: hefty boxes of baked goods were a part of my gifts!

I am so happy with how all the goodies looked in the little boxes! I took quite a few pictures just because I liked how all the colours etc. looked together! So festive.

Here is one of the gifts all wrapped up!

The little gift exchange was so fun! I have the best friends in the whole world...and look at all these early Christmas presents I got... I love them so much!

These are my new socks. They are handmade! And so beautiful!

Anyways, not too much baking or cooking went down today, but lots of eating did (at the gift exchange...so much pizza), and it was an interesting day regardless. I am so happy that I had a really fun night to head off to, so I could forget about the stress of the test situation!

On a side note, when I was walking home tonight (from a couple houses away), I had a run in with a COYOTE! I thought that was pretty exciting. At first (when I was kind of far away) I was confused to why someone would be walking their dog at 1 AM on a Monday night...in -50 degree weather... but nope, it was a humongous coyote. Yeah, I won't lie, I was definitely scared! Especially since I saw it turn down the street towards my house, then when I finally rounded the corner all bundled up with my new socks and scarf and hat , it was nowhere to be found (obviously lurking in some yard somewhere)! Scary!

Hopefully my final isn't anytime too soon, so I can start baking and cooking up a storm with a whole week of free time! I still need to try out the hippie cookbook!




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