Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Running

Hello Everyone! Okay, I'm going to be very honest with you all and admit that this won't be the most fabulous post of them all, however...I did accomplish other important things today! Like really studying finally (just in time too, my final is tomorrow)! Regardless, I still managed to take a million snapshots of my meals...starting with my less than healthy breakfast!
I've been on such a peanut butter and chocolate kick lately...I don't know why! I was also craving oatmeal again for breakfast (it just gives me so much energy for the day)! Therefore I combined the two to make some of the most delectable oatmeal I have ever had...


I started off with basic oatmeal, and really sweetened it up to my liking with chocolate chips, brown sugar and butter, shredded coconut, hunks of peanut butter and chocolate milk in place of regular white milk. It was to die for...

Right after breakfast I was still feeling a little sluggish (before the oatmeal had kicked in), and had a ton of studying to do, but no energy to do it! Since I hadn't left the house for a couple days at this point, and had also been wolfing down sweets like there was no tomorrow, I thought that going for a run might help wake me up and give me some energy to study! Also, Molly needed a walk in the worst way...and who could say no to this little face??

Going for this run was a HUGE deal, as I probably haven't purposefully exercised in over a year! I am not even exaggerating with that statement (it's awful, I know)! Before today, all the exercise I've gotten has come from running to catch the bus, dancing at the bar, and climbing up those damn stairs from the LRT station. Much to my surprise...the run wasn't too bad at all! I had predicted I may die, but nothing of the sort happened, and getting out of the house finally was extremely refreshing! It was just what I needed to focus on the massive pile of reading that awaited at home...

Molly was very happy about going for a run too. She's so cute, she just loves plowin' through fresh snow and giving herself icicle beards!

Mom made dinner tonight: roasted herb chicken, baked potatoes and caesar salad. I love to cook dinner, but sometimes on busy days like today it is SO nice when someone else makes it!

The chicken was so good! It looked kind of funny going into the oven because it was "de-boned"...however (now I don't know if the de-boning contributed to this or not) it was the most delcious chicken I have ever eaten! So tender and juicy...mmm. I ate about 3 or 4 pieces tonight! AND a whole baked potato and massive amounts of salad! I think I will start going for runs more often...they really work up an appitite (which in my opinion is a wonderful thing)!

After dinner I couldn't resist dessert (see? HUGE appetite)! I just needed a little something sweet to finish the meal before heading off to do a little more studying, so I decided on a "little" bowl of vanilla ice cream.

I crumbled left over peanut butter cup filling on the ice cream and topped er off with chocolate sundae syrup! It was pretty delish...

Anyways, I'm off to do a little more studying before tomorrow! I cannot wait until finals are over so I can really bake and cook up a storm and post tons of delicious recipes! I'm done on monday though, which isn't too, too far away!




Katie Schneider said...

your are amazing..

im hungry!!!

Jennie said...

Your crazy oatmeal thing sounds AMAZING! My kind of breakfast!
All that talk about yummy food has certainly worked up an appetite! :)

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