Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Tired Hippy

Hey Babies! So, I am sad to say, but I have a pretty weak post for you all today. Every single thing I consumed today was purchased! I am also sad to say that I don't think I have quite enough blogger's confidence yet to snap pictures at my bought breakfasts in SUB.

Today was a real early start, I was up and at 'em at 7 a.m. (a huge change for me as I have been sleeping in until about noon...or later...for the past week). However, it wasn't too much of a struggle to get up so early because it was more "waking up from an hour long nap" than "waking up from a good night's sleep". Anyways, I had my first final this morning at I was at the university nice and early and managed to wolf down some breakky before it was time to write! For breakfast I had a large "eggnog" (it really didn't taste like anything but regular black) coffee (which I loaded up with as much sugar and cream as I could before the person in line behind me got impatient) and a sourdough bagel with cream cheese. The bagel was alright...if you're into that whole scratching of the roof of your mouth thing... But the breakfast was enough to keep me goin' through the exam, which I actually feel pretty darn good about! Who knew that balancing excessive blogging and finals studying IS possible?!

After my test I just had to satisfy one of my (regular) cravings for a good ol' 6 inch ham on Italian herbs and cheese (cheese, but no toasted). I really should start taking pictures of the subs I get...let's just say I know how to hassle the staff at Subway enough in order to get the most packed subs you've ever seen! After this, I had a little time to kill at the university before I had to run off to an appointment, and really was not in the mood for any more studying this I popped into my new favorite bookstore in HUB and picked up something that I am extremely excited about!

I can't wait to try out some of these recipes and share how they turn out with you guys! This baby is loaded with good ones! There were many, many tempting cookbooks at the bookstore...but I finally decided on this bad boy a) because I am lovin' the tye-dye and b) because all this documenting of what I ingest on a daily basis has made me realize that I don't have the healthiest diet around...and I don't want to be causing any heart attacks out there so I have decided to lighten up my cooking a little bit! Obviously I won't be able to resist throwing in the odd butter laden dish every so often, but over all I think it is time to clean up my act!

I was home for about 15 minutes before I rushed off to see New Moon...for the second time. Therefore tonight's dinner was a large popcorn with layered butter. I absolutely devoured the whole bag (the way I wish I could devour Jacob)...and am still so stuffed! Anyways I just got home not too long ago and I am just too tired to bake up anything tasty tonight! Finals are almost over though, and I promise to bombarde you with excessive amounts of recipes and pictures very, very soon!




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