Monday, February 1, 2010

The Best Apple I've Ever Had

Hello Everyone! 

You know how you can get into a rut of purchasing the same things over and over again, without even realizing it?? Well, I was in one of those ruts (for quite some time) with my selection of apples...until yesterday. Before my boring-apple-revelation all I would ever consume were either Gala, or Fuji (which are perfectly fine varieties, by the way...but nothing to get too excited about). Yet deep down I was always craving something more...something crispier, less tart, and juicier. Well folks I have found it...the perfect apple!

Let me introduce you to the most incredible piece of fruit that has ever passed through my lips...the Pacific Rose apple!

Imagine the crisp juiciness of an apple pear, minus the painful acidity that goes along with it.

Now imagine a delightfully sweet, but not too sweet, purely apple flavor. I'm in love! I honestly do not think I will switch varieties for a while now (yes, another rut...but a good rut)...these little beauties of nature are absolutely incredible. Pacific Rose is the perfect eating apple. However, I bet they would be wonderful in baking too...

I just needed to let the world know about these little gems. I hope you enjoyed my apple rant!




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