Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little Overdue...My Trip to Bul Go Gi House

Hello everyone! I've got a little overdue post here for you today, from a recent trip to one of my favorite Edmonton spots to eat, Korean restaurant Bul Go Gi House. This place single handedly turned me into a spicy food lover (kind of), as well as a kimchi addict!

I stuffed myself beyond belief at this place with two lovely ladies visiting from Cranbrook, Katie and Sarah! It was so fun catching up, and of course, SO DELICIOUS! I hadn't been to Bul Go Gi in so long! It's always such a treat. 

The service is always so incredibly fast (I have absolutely no idea how they do it) and friendly. The kimchi and marinated bean sprouts are the best I've ever had, and perhaps one of my favorite qualities of this restaurant: the servings are HUGE! 

We ordered quite a bit of food for three young girls...

As soon as we ordered, a nice serving of kimchi, bean sprouts and sticky rice was quickly tossed our way (all three items keep on comin' all meal long, by the way). I feasted on this kimchi like a ravenous beast! I get cravings for Bul Go Gi's kimchi all the time, it was so nice to finally (temporarily) satisfy those cravings!

Very shortly after, the wonton soup we had ordered arrived. The soup here is incredible, the broths are all slightly peppery, which is so delicious and unique. Also, the wontons are gigantic!

Next on the menu was something I had never tried here before: deep fried vegetables. They were practically a Korean hybrid of Japanese tempura and sweet potato/yam/potato fries. Amazing! They came with an extra flavorful soy type sauce to dip them in. There was also no shortage of these bad boys, which made me very happy.

Then came a tasty basic: stir fried beef and vegetables. Perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection (tender beef and slightly crunchy vegetables, mmm).

Then came another first: deep-fried chicken! We ordered this dish just because we were curious about what Korean deep fried chicken actually was...and I was very pleasantly surprised! It tasted more like a Chinese lemon chicken dish, but a little had more of a sweet honey/less acidic taste to it. It was so, so addictive. I will definitely be ordering this dish again!

Here's my plate full of amazing food! I had about 5-6 servings this size...

So there it is! This is a casual, delicious Edmonton spot that I would definitely recommend. Also, don't be afraid when you pull up to Bul Go Gi! It is a little sketchy looking on the outside...but is not nearly as bad on the inside! And it's the food that is really the draw to this spot, which says a lot in my books! If you plan on going on a Saturday night be prepared to wait a little bit!

It was so nice to chat and laugh and catch up with wonderful people over delicious food. That is another reason why I think I am so obsessed with anything and everything food's not only the flavors that make it so special, it's the power it has to bring people together! 




Marianne and Charles said...

Great review! I love Bulgogi House too... so good. You've reminded me to stop by again soon - Thanks!

Katie Schneider said...

my mouth is watering revisiting this experience,
i want to go back!
so delightful!

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