Monday, February 1, 2010

More Oats???

Hello! So, I had oats, again. But in a whole new way, again. I can never do repeats of bowls of oats, ever, no matter how delicious they turn out! This morning's bowl was one of the tastiest creations yet (almost up there with the Christmas oats, from December). I'm not quite sure what to call this bowl, but I will tell you what I loaded into it!

The inspiration for this bowl was the box of Family Digestives I found lurking in the pantry!

I have had the BIGGEST sweet tooth lately, so of course the thin layer of chocolate on the cookies was not enough to satisfy my craving. To sweeten up my oats even more, I loaded on the cashew butter, chocolate hazelnut spread and one of my favorite things ever, dulce de leche.

And of course, almond milk!

The cookies in the oats were so delicious, they sopped up the almond milk and were all soft and melty and amazing!

The excess of chocolate and rich caramel did not hurt either! Yum. Anyways, enjoy your monday everyone!




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