Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar-Free Week: Day 3

Hello everyone! So I hate to admit it...but this sugar-free thing is getting harder and harder by the day! Why did I do this again??? Anyways, as much of a challenge it was today...I was still successfully sugar-free (added sugar free, at least).

My day started off with a nice big plate of scrambled eggs (4 eggs, to be exact), and a piece of rye toast with almond/cashew butter (probably the driest thing I've ever eaten).

After breakfast I settled into my little workspace to try and make some progress on my final essay that's due on friday. 

Let's just say that didn't go so well... It was really hard with THIS:

Beside me all day...seeing this little cutie snoozing so soundly all day just makes you want to do the same thing...

After a fairly brief nap in the nice afternoon sun, I was hungry again! And desperately craving something sweet...I raided the cupboard to find something that would tide me over for a while, and was very happy to see these:

I had totally forgotten that we had a little stash of "no added sugar" fruit bars. I told you...I love Superstore.

As naturally sweet as the fruit leathers just didn't quite cut it for me, and I ended up nomming on a gigantic handful of dates (boring, I know, but that's as sweet as it gets for the no added sugar world)!

Early in the evening I fixed myself a bizarre "dinner" of Sunny Boy cereal (I diversified from oats)!

I whipped this bowl up in the microwave, and added some chopped dates in as I cooked the cereal.

On top I sprinkled on: hemp seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut and spooned on some almond/cashew butter. Then I doused my Sunny Boy with unsweetened soy milk!

It was okay...a little bland...but filled me up. 

Since I can just not bring myself to finish a cup of black coffee in our house (Folgers, I realized we use), I have turned to another source of caffeine that I had totally forgotten about! Espresso!

I poured myself a shot and downed it before I headed out the door to accomplish some mad studying at the university tonight (so much to do, so little time to do it...before TORONTO)! Oh yeah, I'm going to Toronto! I can't wait. Me and Chloaye are going to go visit Tatomme for reading week. Will Toronto be able to handle three Flanagan girls all together? I'm not sure...

Anyways, that was my day in food. Succesful, again (I find it hard to believe myself)!




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