Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar-Free Week: Day 4

Hello folks! It's day 4 of the sugar-free week...and surprisingly, is getting easier! I did not think this day would come, but here she is! However I also have a brief correction to make regarding yesterday's post. It turns out that Day 3 may have actually been a big old fail. In my morning rush yesterday, I seemed to have forgotten that the ketchup that I drowned my scrambled eggs with is loaded with the sweet white stuff... Oops.

So here we are on day 4, making adjustments. I had eggs again - but this time I topped them off with a sugar-free alternative - salsa! Not only did this substitution not contain any sug (I checked the label), it was way tastier too! Gave my eggs a little kick. I have a bagel soaked with butter (well, margarine actually) on the side. Here's something else I realized...I'm sure there's a hefty amount of sugar in pretty much all bread products, but I can't live without bread, so I'm just going to pretend that there isn't any sugar in bread... This is my challenge to myself though, and I get to make up the rules...right???

With breakfast I had a double shot of my newfound (newly remembered) savior - espresso. Goes down quick and easy and keeps me going for the day!

Then it was out the door to head to school to try and finish up a whole 1/2 semester's worth of design in 1 and 1/2 days. I love life right now...thank you, past self, for being such a perfectionist and not wholly finishing any one project in design thus far.

I realized when I got to school that I had forgotton my camera! Which I guess wasn't too much of a loss because I didn't eat anything all that interesting at school. One especially pathetic nom that I indulged in was a little can of tuna that I found in my backpack. Upon realization that I was also without fork, I was in no mood to venture far and wide to find one - so I made do. What does this mean, you may ask? Well let's just say if you were wandering the Rutherford library 4th floor on Thursday, you may have seen a girl sadly spooning tuna out of a can with the tuna can lid... It wasn't even a normal can lid. You see...Clover Leaf tuna has apparently switched up all their lids to "easy peel" tops. Good for the difficulty of removal situation. Horrible for the "I forgot a fork" situation. Oh, and I "made do" with the camera situation also...

As you can see. It was one of the most pathetic lunches/snacks ever.

Then, the only other thing I ate this day was a measly little 6" sub from Subway (cold cut combo on Italian herbs and cheese, extra pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, ranch, salt and pepper) mid way through the evening! OH, and I had a late night black coffee with soy milk from Starbucks too (no sugar)! It was so, so much better than Folgers.

So...success? I feel bad calling it a success when I barely ate anything all day! Hopefully I nom a little more tomorrow.




Marianne and Charles said...

Good luck with Design! I know what you mean by the 1/2 semester of work in a couple days thing... Anthro of Religion for me!

I've ate a bunch of sad lunches on Rutherford 4th as well... what is it about that place? It must be the view that makes up for the sad food.

Happy reading week! Have fun in Toronto!!!

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