Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sugar-Free Week: Day 5

Hello lovelies! This will be the saddest post to date, but as I have a 6 hour lay-over in the Calgary airport right now, I figure I should post something. 

All I have evidence of eating yesterday is this:

Yep, a good old footlong cold cut combo. I was ravenous, okay? I should mention that this is one of the best subs I've ever had from Subway before (did I finally get to sample some of that "oven fresh" bread I've always heard about?).

Secondly, I should mention: I'm done with sugar-free. This life just isn't for me. I got to five days...kind of. I had a cupcake... It was incredible. I should say though, the past five days have seriously cut back my need for excess sugar! This morning I grabbed a grande pike place roast, and only put 2 packets of "sugar in the raw" in that puppy! I'm really proud of myself. My mad cravings have even disappeared! Am I really on the road to better health?!? Perhaps...we'll see! 

I'm sure this week with Chloaye and Tatomme will be good for my eating habits too, as Tatomme is quite the healthy young lady, as you can see on her blog, Cereal Salads. Not to mention that I just received a phone call from Chloaye asking if she should buy a mother load of avocados that just happen to be on sale. If packing a case of juicy avocados all the way across the country doesn't say dedicated healthy lifestyle I don't know what does. I cannot wait to get to Toronto! 

Anyways, to make up for this lousy post, you can all look forward to a Mariel's Noms X 1hundo collabo post coming soon! It will be a good one, I promise! Even I am excited to see those gorgeous photos shot by the man himself!

Oh yeah, I guess I should add this: Day 5 of sugar-free week = failed. But that's okay. 




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