Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sugar-Free Week: Day 2

Ola! So here we are on day two...and guess what? I am still successfully sugar-free! 

My day started off with a nice bowl of oats this morning. Yes, that's right, I figured out how to make a bowl of oats with no added sugar, that still tastes great! I really needed this bowl to keep me going after my mad essay writing last night.

To make these oats stomach-able I turned to the powers of natural fruit sugars! I started off by cutting up a whole banana and sprinkling that on the oats, then I diced up some all natural Medjool dates and added them to the bowl. Then, I generously spooned on the almond/cashew butter, gave a good dusting of hemp seeds and finished the bowl off with a splash of milk (just good old, normal, 2% milk).

With breakfast I had yet another cup of black favorite...

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and time to head out the door to classes! As I recalled my father's mid morning message "Mariel, I made a sandwich for you, it's in the fridge" I opened the fridge door to find this:

Such a weirdo.

But the sangy (Flanagan for sandwich) was tasty nonetheless. It even had more meat in it than yesterdays (I may or may not have made a complaint...)!

After I scarfed down the sandwich, I ran out the door to catch the bus to head to my classes for today. The classes quickly came and went, and then it was time to meet Patrick downtown to peruse the new Art Gallery of Alberta (something I have been dying to do since it opened)!

It was everything I thought it would be! The architecture of the building alone is a piece of art (it did NOT feel as if we were in Edmonton while wandering around the gallery). The exhibits were pretty over the top as well, and I would have to agree with Patrick on what were my favorites: the Karsh exhibit, and the Murder of the Crows sound installation.

Anyways, back to food! After working up appetites at the art gallery, I was treated to my first ever trip to  Furusato Japanese restaurant at 10012 82nd Ave NW. I had read all about this place on various other Edmonton food blogs, and was so excited to be going for myself finally! The master orderer picked three delicious items: assorted vegetable/prawn tempura (it was perfectly battered and super light and crispy, and hot), a delicious (and huge) plate of assorted sashimi (there was such a good variety), and dragon rolls (which combine two of my favorite things, barbecued eel and tempura, into one incredible little piece of maki).

I was obviously a little too absorbed in the eating part as I forgot to take a picture of the impressively artistic dragon roll plate. However, you can check that out (and much, much better photos of everything else) on 1hundo

So yep, I did it sugar today! Although I have to admit...these cravings are getting stronger and stronger...uh oh. It's nice to have lots of fun things to do though to distract from the lack of sugar in my life! Today was just perfect. Wish me luck for tomorrow!




Marianne and Charles said...

Congrats on no sugar! Plus, a first trip to both the AGA and Furusato in one day... what a great way to spend an afternoon!

Chef Aimee said...

I am impressed with no sugar - good for you! I love bananas in my oatmeal.

Katie Schneider said...

bananas in oatmeal... tomorrows breakfast!
i want to do the sugar 'cleanse' as ellen calls is,
but this week of papers and midterms is just not
allowing me!
maybe next week..? haha

me.ek said...

Hi Mariel, Aunty Mary here. Try unsweetened apple sauce on your oatmeal very yummy.

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